Branding Design

Wild Pollinator Count

The Wild Pollinator Count project required the re branding of the company. This included the main colour palette, logo, alternative logos, app icon, and general style guide. 

The main concept of this project was to represent animals that were connected to the project. A fly is technically not a wild pollinator but is still a huge part of the process to help those particular animals to pollinate. Taking a unique view to the branding. 

New Moon Escapes

New Moon Escapes was a project which involved both branding design and promotional materials as well. This project included the design of the New Moon logo, alternative logos, promotional poster, magazine half page ad and a newspaper half page ad. 

Self Branding

This project was self branding. To create our own logo, colour scheme, alternative logos and business stationary. 

With a colour scheme of a bold, bight yellow paired with a brown beige background gives a sense of both being bold and suttle.