Align Expo 2023

The logo for the Align Expo 2023 on a black shirt

Falling Down

Falling Down, An editorial made for an article about addiction

Inkflow Graphics

A business card showcasing the Inkflow Graphics logo

I'm Your Fan

A poster advertising the Herbert Bayer mini exhibition

We Eat People

We Eat People, A movie poster about a gas station pizzeria being taken over by vampires

Diamond Creek Men's Shed

The logo for the Diamond Creek Men's Shed on the side of a building

No Planet B

The No Planet B board, with supplemental cards and pieces

Feast Your Eyes

The Feast Your Eyes magazine, showing the front cover and the inner spread

Space Cadet

Space Cadet, A magazine about space made for kids

Diamond Creek Men's Shed

A typographic poster showcasing an axe in a grave made from the words "Bury the Hatchet"